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"If we aren't chasing after miracles, what's the point?"
...St. Ralph the movie.

alex and rosey

Rosey & Alex here: We're getting ready for the Lansdowne Memorial Day 5k, and we need YOUR help!

We both have multiple special medical needs, but that's not stopping us from participating in this year's run. It's support from friends like you that'll help other adoptive children with special needs find their forever homes. Please Donate Now!

Welcome to Epiphany House

Epiphany House is a non-profit organization that believes every child should have a loving and stable home.
No child should ever be rejected or unloved. Through community outreach, adoption, foster and respite care,
Epiphany House meets the needs of vulnerable children.

Epiphany House Inc. is designated
a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization
and all contributions are tax deductible.

Monday morning, May 26th
Team Epiphany in the
Lansdowne 5K Run/Walk.

Generations Epiphany

Epiphany House launched its flagship project,
Generations Epiphany on February 25th 2012.

What is Generations Epiphany?

Generations Epiphany is an Epiphany House commitment to develop a Generations of Hope Community (GHC) in the Philadelphia region. A GHC, is an intentional inter-generational neighborhood made up of three or more generations (children, parents, and seniors), organized to support a target population of vulnerable people. In a GHC, the inter-generational community becomes the initial intervention, with professional services playing a supportive background role.

The aim of Generations Epiphany is to apply the GHC concept to the adoption of foster and special needs children.

Generations Epiphany

How This Neighborhood Looks

In 2012, we consulted with a wide variety of community leaders to explore various options for developing the Generations of Hope model. Based on what we have learned and assessing our capabilities, our decision is to focus on communities in our own Delaware County.

In the big picture, Generations Epiphany envisions a neighborhood comprised of a grouping of family homes dedicated to adoption of children from foster care or with particular special needs. The parents in the family homes agree to adopt a minimum of 3 children. Our adoptive families form the nucleus of the community by their commitment to addressing, in common, this social need. Under the umbrella of the Epiphany House, Inc., they will have further support in their commitment from senior citizen volunteers and community resources mobilized by Epiphany House.

Our 2013 goal is to identify a specific neighborhood site while engaging local leadership and resources towards opening our first adoptive family home. In the longer view, Epiphany House will evolve Generations Epiphany by continuing to open homes in the same neighborhood as well as providing parent trainings, supportive programming, and special interventions. As we grow in the neighborhood, we will concurrently engage the senior citizen population to become involved as a support to our adoptive families. The outcome of this strategy will enhance the success of special needs adoptions by families connected with and supported by a caring neighborhood.

Here are some examples of existing GHC models:
Hope Meadows
Tree House Foundation
Bridge Meadows


"The children are our future.
When the guns take aim at them,
we make war on the future;
we despise and destroy the least protected.
The children are a clue.
Will the clue be read aright?"

...Daniel Berrigan


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Epiphany House
322 N. Lansdowne Avenue
  Lansdowne, PA 19050
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