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"If we aren't chasing after miracles, what's the point?"
...St. Ralph the movie.

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Welcome to Epiphany House

Epiphany House is a non-profit organization that believes every child should have a loving and stable home.
No child should ever be rejected or unloved. Through community outreach, adoption, foster and respite care,
Epiphany House meets the needs of vulnerable children.

Epiphany House Inc. is designated
a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization
and all contributions are tax deductible.

Merry Christmas
Our Christmas wishes of blessings to all our Epiphany House friends. In celebrating Christmas we recall from the familiar story, that there was no room for a family and a child in the town of Bethlehem. Epiphany House exists to advocate for those in need of foster or adoptive families. We celebrate all those who have made room in their homes and families for a child they did not birth. We celebrate all those who support those who have been called to make a commitment to foster care or adoption. Thank you!

Generations Epiphany
As many of you who have been following us know, we have long been exploring a inter-generational and communal response to supporting families who choose to provide foster care or adopt children with special needs. This project was christened Generations Epiphany. In 2014 Generations Epiphany made significant steps forward to this end. We formed a founders committee and partnered with Faith Immanuel Lutheran Church in East Lansdowne where a number of families have recently been approved as foster/adoptive families. Our 2015 goals are as follows:

  • to develop our relationship with these new families.
  • Profile families with whom we partner.
  • Conduct needs assessments and provide support that will enhance the foster/adoptive commitment of our Generatons Epiphany families.
  • Recruit senior citizen involvement with Generations Epiphany.

We will be updating regularly.

Tech 4 Tots
Tech for tots is a sustainable fundraiser organized for Epiphany House by Phil Lanctot, Jr. We are immensely grateful for all that he has and is doing to develop this project. The following is a message from Phil with a link that will allow you to participate. In the final week of 2014 it is a great opportunity for businesses or corporations who are looking to recycle technology equipment or unload inventory while earning a tax write off.

Here's a way you can contribute to a great cause and reduce your 2014 tax liability by cleaning our your supply closet and donating unused supplies and electronics.

For over 20 years Epiphany House has been providing both adoptive and temporary housing to children of all ages and backgrounds with some having mild to severe disabilities.

Visit www.tech4tots.org today. Epiphany House is a qualified 501.3C non-profit organization and your donation is tax-deductible.



"The children are our future.
When the guns take aim at them,
we make war on the future;
we despise and destroy the least protected.
The children are a clue.
Will the clue be read aright?"

...Daniel Berrigan


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Epiphany House
322 N. Lansdowne Avenue
  Lansdowne, PA 19050
Email: epiphanyhouse16@gmail.com