What We Do

sneakerwduckyIn the United States foster care system, over 120,000 children are legally free for adoption and waiting for their forever homes. Epiphany House heeds God’s call to care for the orphaned. Promoting adoption is the cornerstone of the Epiphany House mission to assure every child has a loving family.

Care for Children
Epiphany House provides both a permanent and temporary home to children. As foster and adoptive parents to children with disabilities including cerebral palsy, autism, septo-optic dysplasia, and hypoplastic left heart we particularly recognize the need for adoptive families dedicated to special needs children.

The Epiphany House mission is that every child should have a loving and stable home. No child should ever be rejected or unloved.

Board Members: Jim Pio, Rev. Moses Dennis,  Philip M. Lanctot, Gurley James, John Diekman, Fran Beck, Sister Mary Ellen Tennity, IHM; Rev. Kevin Babcock

Intern:  Olivia Lanctot

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